Overhead Door Legacy CodeDodger Garage Door Opener Remote Model ACSCTO / ACSCTG

Overhead Door Legacy CodeDodger Garage Door Opener Remote Model ACSCTO / ACSCTG
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Product Description

Overhead Door ® garage door opener OCDT-1 CodeDodger ®

Genie Intellicode GIT-1 Compatible

New Replacement Made with Genie Label, Doubles as a Keychain remote and Comes with a visor Clip for the car.

CodeDodger® Access Security System is a digital code changing system used by Overhead Door® garage door openers to prevent someone from "grabbing" a radio signal that openers your door. Prevents illegal entry from remote controller access code signal duplication. Eliminates need to set security code when opener is installed. Each remote controller comes with its own continually changing access code. Automatically changes access code each time remote controller is activated. Each new code is selected from 4.3 billion combinations. Prohibits opener from responding to the same access code more than once. Recognizes access codes from up to seven remote controllers used to operate the same openers.

Single Button Remote Replacement For Models:





ACSCTG Type 1 , ACSCTG Type 2 (Type II) and Type 3

ACSCTO Type 1 Series 1 , Series II , Series 3


FCC ID: B8QACSCT, Series II Electronics

12v battery, Visor clip and Instructions Included

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